Rachid teaches at workshops and festivals throughout the world. Topics can be customized and generally include the following:

  • Understanding Melody and Maqam
  • Playing in the Groove of Moroccan Rhythms
  • Khaleegi Rhythm and Dance Music
  • Playing in Ensemble for All Instruments and Voice
  • Oud or Violin Basics for Playing Middle Eastern Music
  • Sing! Learn Egyptian, Arab, or Traditional Moroccan and Andalus Songs

  • Musicality; Understanding and Listening for What to Dance to in Middle Eastern Music

Al Zuhoor Ensemble

Rachid's ensemble in Colorado provides the opportunity to participate in either the singing or instrument ensemble. Whether a beginner or more advanced student, this is a unique chance to learn and practice Arabic music.

Private Lessons and Coaching

Rachid is currently accepting new students, teaching lessons on the oud, violin, and voice.


Rachid teaching in Singapore